Free 5 Day Virtual Event April 19th-23rd

11am-12pm EST Daily.

The Million Dollar Method

In 2020, I joined the Millionaire Club and helped others to do the same.

Now it's your time.

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During Our FREE 5-day Workshop

We'll Dive Into:

The 5 Concepts to Untapping Your Infinite Potential


  • Your inner being knows your truth. How do you feel about your goals?


  • Creating who you are with your goal achieved is super fun! Enjoy the process. Take time to research, tap into your imagination and write to create her. We'll walk you through the steps to create HER. YOU with the goal achieved.


  • No faking it until you make it. Instead, you are discovering that this is really WHO you are. By "acting as if" and stepping into HER, you are actually drawing out all the Source-given talents and abilities from within. It's a beautiful transformation.


  • Fear is absolutely normal and so is feeling like a fraud as you take the steps to become HER. We all know this feeling. Today you will gain valuable tools to act like the person you want to become despite the fear. Feel the fear, and BE her anyway!


  • "There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested, you do it when it is convenient. When you are committed, you accept no excuses, only results" from Ken Blanchard. To make a committed decision is to immediately put yourself in the energy of HER, of Prosperous YOU with your goal achieved and living your best life. When you make a committed decision, everything you need gets attracted to you - all the resources, people, and money.

Danielle Amos

Danielle Amos is a Business and Success Coach, a top Certified Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant, motivational speaker, lifestyle entrepreneur, and host of Prosperity Practice Podcast. Danielle is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and sales professionals all over the world that prosperity and success are truly about energy and she is on a mission to help thousands create financial abundance through the power of thought and intentional action with a proven system of success.

Over the past decade, Danielle has taken internationally renowned personal growth programs with Bob Proctor, Landmark and Tony Robbins and is currently studying as the protege of Bob Proctor with Bob himself. As a protege of Bob Proctor, best known for his role in the hit movie “The Secret”, Danielle has taken what she has learned from her one-on-one coaching with Bob and has used it to serve hundreds of clients, virtually, from around the world, and thousands of audience members both locally and internationally.

What Others Say

It's time for you to drop the hustle and years of grinding it out, working harder and harder, getting more and more frustrated, and it's time to join the movement, The Million Dollar Method.

Free 5 Day Virtual Event April 19th-23rd

11am-12pm EST Daily.

I am so looking forward to supporting you and your goals for 2021! This training series has been created to help you accelerate your sales so you can experience massive success in your business and in your life.

Honestly, the true secret to massive success is a delicate balance between both mindset and strategy. I will be sharing my top lessons on how to achieve this, and more.

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